Gladys & Elvis

Today is National Son’s and Daughter’s Day and on this day, the focus is on spending time with and appreciating those little bundles of joy, no matter what their age.  Nurturing children with a loving environment; protecting them; demonstrating discipline and instilling self-confidence and self-esteem are ongoing duties of a parent.  No matter what your age.

gladys_elvis_presleyOne of the most remarkable mother and son relationships of the 20th century is, without a doubt, that of Gladys Love Smith Presley and Elvis Aaron Presley.  Theirs was an especially close-knit and tender relationship. Pages of stories have been documented. Shelves of books have been printed. Movies and songs have entertained us.  It may feel as if there is nothing we don’t know about this mother and her son.

Gladys Presley in the Kitchen

Here, at Recipe Book Rescue, we are celebrating Elvis Week 2016 and we’ve been pondering all sort of questions. What meals were dished up at the Presley’s dining table in Tupelo and Memphis?  Did Gladys enjoy cooking for her family and was she a good cook?  As a teen, what was Elvis’s favourite meal?  What pantry items were staples in the kitchen and what grew in the garden?

The number of biographies about Elvis and his family is staggering (and family cook books, too).  Instead of researching and quoting, we decided to have some fun and dish up a big helping of creative license. So, take a seat at the dining table and enjoy a day’s menu crafted for The King and his mother. Happy National Son’s and Daughter’s Day and Viva Elvis Week 2016!



DINNER copy copy

Who’s hungry?


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